An open source plugin to tell stories using Mapbox for Adobe Muse.

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This plug-in is designed to make it easier for Muse designers to use Mapbox to tell their stories.


You can set up your map hosted by Mapbox easily with MapSlideshow. It will allow you to view 3D buildings, play locations as slide show, present the titles, descriptions and media for your locations and create click-able markers.


Originally, this project was created for this website, you can view Adventure as an example to implement the plug-in in Adobe Muse.


Update 1.02, August 30th, 2017

  • Now the text box of title and description can recognize HTML tags, such as <a/> as hyper-link. e.g. "description": "Office for HR and Finance <a href=''>Go To Apple</a>" will be shown in the description box as "Office for HR and Finance Go To Apple".


Update 1.01, July 3rd, 2017

  • Addressed an issue that when used in fluid website, the map canvas, in certain breakpoints, initially won't be sized properly.


System Requirement:


  1. Adobe Muse 2015.1+
  2. A Mapbox account to create your own map with your style


Useful tools to generate and edit geojson


  1. Use Dataset in Mapbox Studio ( to create and generate geojson file. (The generated file will lose the sequence by which you input the locations, but you can make your Dataset into a layer of your map here directly.)
  2. Use to edit the sequence of the location in your geojson.


To make MapSlideshow better:


Please visit or (Chinese) for the source code and provide feedback.